Introduction to Ed Roether Consulting LLC

After spending 20 years at Populous (previously known as HOK Sport, Venue, Event) Ed Roether formed Ed Roether Consulting LLC to offer consulting services related to the standards applied to the built environment.

Over the last 20 years Ed has developed an intimate understanding of these
standards that very few people possess. His familiarity with the requirements in the codes and standards for accessibility and life safety, along with construction
standards, enable him to provide comprehensive advice throughout the design and construction process continuing on throughout the life of the facility. Few accessibility or life safety consultants have his familiarity with the construction standards and real world experience as a practicing architect and few design/construction consultants
have his familiarity with the accessibility and life safety codes and standards.

Ed Roether has been a practicing architect for over 30 years. After graduating
with his degree in architecture from Kansas State University, Ed served as a project architect for several architectural firms in the Kansas City metropolitan area from
1977 to 1990. He started working for Populous (formerly known as HOK Sport, Venue, Event) as a project architect in 1989, and then from 1990 to 2010, he was
responsible for the Populous Quality Assurance program, including building/life
safety code and ADA compliance.

This program included measuring performance, identifying problems, developing solutions and facilitating office wide quality improvements. He focused project teams on meeting: 1) client expectations relative to design, schedule and budget, 2) the design’s constructability and compliance with construction standards, 3) the firm’s high standards of design, professional practice and client service, and 4) the needs of the public relative to accessibility and life safety. During those 20 years as head of Quality
Assurance for Populous, Ed worked on more than 150 projects worth nearly
$17.25 Billion in construction value and has become recognized worldwide as
a leader in the industry for his knowledge of codes and standards.

He successfully proposed multiple changes to various codes/standards since the early 1990’s. He has provided comments to both the United States Access Board and the United States Department of Justice during their rulemaking process to adopt new Guidelines/Standards. He is recognized by those involved with code/standard development as someone having a unique understanding of their requirements. Ed was recognized by the Paralyzed Veterans of America for his unique understanding of accessibility in Sporting Venues. His commitment to consistent comprehensive and objective interpretations of requirements in the codes/standards enables him to
discuss specific issues to find common ground on the intent.

As a member of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Assembly Occupancies Committee, the ICC/ANSI A117 Accessible and Usable Buildings Committee and chairing several task groups for those committees Ed has an historical perspective of their requirements. His unique understanding and historical perspective of life safety features provided Ed the knowledge to co-author the Assembly Occupancies Chapter in the Twentieth Edition of the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook and the article “Managing Emergencies” in the
July/August edition of the NFPA Journal.

Ed Roether Consulting LLC provides services that would be helpful to individuals or organizations that own, operate, design, construct or manage the design/construction of facilities, as well as attorneys providing legal counsel to those individuals or organizations. His comprehensive, objective advice is mindful of his clients’
schedule, budget and expectations. His knowledge of these Standards would help anyone needing assistance with:

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act/Accessibility Code

Accessibility Barrier Assessment of Existing Conditions

Compliance with the Building/Life Safety Codes and Standards

Life Safety Evaluations

Compliance with Design/Construction Standards

The Design/Construction of a Sports Facility